jeudi 16 juillet 2015

Letter to Europe

Dear Member of European Union comittee,

Mostly likely this message will not be read by any member of the European  Union, but it must be written anyway.

The European politics have been embracing the money and objects instead of people.  Many of the politic decisions that are implemented nowadays are a copy of American solutions.

USA is not a model to follow. The portrayed image that comes out of US as a country of freedom and equality is distorted. The real country do not have social welfare, have a poor public education and pension system. That country have more homeless people than in Europe. The only equality that exists in that country, is the lack of a public welfare system to the citizens.

The only people that approves US are the ones that are greedy (the so-called 1%). US is the reference of capitalism and greed that pretend that they care about Europe, but instead it use us to achieve other means. In the end, US just care about themselves. Every time they self-claim as the greatest country in the world, they are ignoring the destruction of cultures that they are promoting in other countries with wars, control of international institutions, or imposition of economic sanctions.

Europe is becoming a low-quality copycat of US.

The EU decided to remove the borders between countries, but is building a wall in Hungary to prevent illegal emigrants to come into Europe. Soon, it will spend billions of Euros in surveillance to control the periphery. It is wiser to restore the border checkpoints between countries that will filter out continuously and naturally illegal emigrants, drugs and gun trafficking.

The irony of this decision is that in the eighties the Berlin wall was destroyed, but now a new one is coming up. We do not get free of the notion of wall once it and for all.

Why EU do not restore the borders between the countries instead of building a wall in Hungary that will cost a fortune to maintain it and it will be ineffective in preventing the entrance of illegal persons or activity? 

The same EU prefer to kill a country (Greece) with austerity instead of embracing them. The same EU prefer to build a new ECB HQ in Frankfurt instead of putting the building in the countries that have higher unemployment rate to promote the idea of unity. What EU is promoting is the idea of humiliation.

Please, stop the poor decisions and start to think to have an Europe that embrace and take care of the European citizens. Please, start to have a politic system that approves intelligent decisions.

Please stop destroying Europe.

Yours sincerely,

mercredi 15 juillet 2015

Science is an imaginary world?

Why it doesn't matter if it is impossible take a photo of an atom, but know that they exist? How can we make such claim? Aren't we entering the imaginary world?

Paul Dirac said on that matter the following:
[…] the main object of physical science is not the provision of pictures, but is the formulation of laws governing phenomena and the application of these laws to the discovery of new phenomena. If a picture exists, so much the better; but whether a picture exists or not is a matter of only secondary importance. In the case of atomic phenomena no picture can be expected to exist in the usual sense of the word 'picture', by which is meant a model functioning essentially on classical lines. One may, however, extend the meaning of the word 'picture' to include any way of looking at the fundamental laws which makes their self-consistency obvious. With this extension, one may gradually acquire a picture of atomic phenomena by becoming familiar with the laws of the quantum theory.

There is nothing depressing out there. On the contrary, the Universe would be a boring place if could we visulaize/imagine everything in i