mercredi 19 novembre 2014

Are zoos good?

The human spirit is prone to quarrels to take control over another's life. This is shown without a doubt when we talk about the rights of animal captivity.

On the one hand, there are people that loathe zoos because they consider that these places are prisons for animal liberty and rights. Their reasoning stems from by claiming that they suffer psychological distress and physical pain for being confined to unnatural bared and small places.

On the other hand, others claim that the zoos exist to protect species on the brink of becoming extinct because of human behaviour. Man-made climate changes and wars, greed, human cruelty and hunting are factors that undermine animal species and bring them to extinction.

Although I am not a buff about zoos, I personally believe that zoos protect animal life. These facilities are replacing the government powerless ability to protect wildlife. The zoo also believe that they are morally obliged to intervene.

At the same time as the zoo protects animals, they are also educational places where children can learn. The people who are against animal captivity claim that the educational reasoning is a disguise to keep on the cruelty over animal imprisonment, and cover their activity with a "skin of a sheep".

In conclusion, we are watching a quarrelsome  and never-ending debate over animal rights, premised on our human feisty and unwary behaviour. In short, our claims should be more moderate, and see that the existence of well-cared zoos are attempts to protect our fragile planet.