jeudi 24 janvier 2013

Drugs are not bad. They are dangerous.

Drugs are not bad, this is a misconception that people have because they do not speak accurate. Drugs are dangerous because it can bring more problems to your life, e.g. addiction. When a person become addictive to something, it can loose control of his life, and we all know how society spit ruthlessly people out.

Life is not a matter of fit in in groups, it's a matter of taking a choice, assume it, and survive with it. I believe that all people can't live without love. Drugs definitely won't give you the love back, it just take it from you and it will make hard for you to recover. Definitely, drugs won't solve problems, just create more.

Drugs are dangerous because it's hard to predict the future of someone that takes it, in the same way, it's hard to know when someone becomes addict, or even predicts life. I think that when a person realize is an addict on something, it's because he is an addict for a long time, and then it could be late to get free of the addiction.

When a people take drugs, there are the collateral effects, like noticing that you lost all the friends that do not take drugs, remaining just the ones that take. You notice that most of the friends that take drugs will reject you when you start saying "no to drugs" to them, opposing to your initial idea of freedom. You will start to have the feeling that you just attract more problems and you have to constantly fight against them. You get yourself into more problems, (e.g., unexpected pregnancy, having bad friends at your side - this are examples of situations that I know), and you start to think if you really have bad luck in life, or if you are just looking for bad situations.

Everybody knows that drugs can destroy love, a family, and even kill you. Despite of all situations, it's not correct to summarize these fears and conclude that drugs are bad. Drugs are just dangerous because it will show you the path to a fragile, insecure, perfidious, rough maze built over problems that are hard to solve.

If you don't care about this path, and you just like to emerge into unsolved riddles, drugs are for you, and I hope you will have always money to buy them. If you like to have a life without these insecurities, and you are wise knowing that there are more interesting riddles in the world to solve than drugs (I'm sorry, it's my opinion), just say no, and stay away from them ( if necessary stay away from the friends that take it, or at least, do not see them so often). If you suffer from peer pressure, and you cannot say no to your suppose friends, lie saying"I took them and I'm fed up of them, and so I quit."

It's difficult to talk about drugs, because there are a lot of them, and each person personality react in a particular way. It's also difficult to talk accurate about them, despite it seems very alluring and mistakenly easy to talk about them.

You can consider drugs, like marijuana, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, even cigarettes and wine. It's you that have the final word one them. It's you that can define them better, or even measuring them. Like everything in life, it's a matter of choice, and you have to assume it.

My opinion is don't take it, it doesn't worth it. If you don't agree with me, get all the information about them and think before you step into a new distorted world. It's your life, it's your choice. You only have one life, don't waste it.

By the way, if there was a law that it would force people know what they are buying, and legalize them to pay taxes (I don't know which drugs should be legalized), maybe this obscurity and attraction for the devil could vanish in the eyes of society.

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