dimanche 2 décembre 2012

You are not depressed, you are distracted

At the same time as a bomb explodes and kills 10 people, millions of people are kissing and hugging. It's just one person that made the noise, it's not the whole world. We cannot hear the sound of kisses and hugs, but they are stronger than any tragedy. Just because the news tries to vulgarize death, doesn't mean that it will not be sacred anymore.

Drugs are a cancer inside a family

The most impressive about drugs is how equal is the behaviour between the people that took it. The most common is people start to taking them with friends, thinking that it's cool, or just to hide a pain that they feel inside. In youth people think that they have the best friends in the world and they will last forever. There is nothing more common than to think that we are different from the rest of the world. The truth is that we are not different. We can gather people by tastes and reactions. But since a human being personality is a universe, it's difficult to find two persons that are look-a-likes from inside. What can make us feel that we are different is what we can make with our life.

People come and go, and there's nothing we can do about. The force that makes people living is love. If we lack love, our heart stops, our brain stalls, and we start to feel detached from the closed ones.

The friends that we had in youth, most of them are gone, but not the pain in continuing taking drugs. What someone used to think that it was cool to take drugs in youth, now they carry on taking drugs to try to have a normal life. And that's the moment when they are inside a one-way fast-lane to hell difficult to get out.

People are a garden of action-reaction attitudes. If we seed evil, we will crop more evil to plant again. The same is true for love, sadness and happiness. To those that are victims of a dreadful past and became evil persons, forget that the consequences of their actions in the present disregard the past. To those that are victims of wrong doers, want justice in their life. But how can we make justice to someone that is a victim of a drug user or dealer? How can we make justice to someone that become a drug addict, or have HIV now because of a supposed friend or boyfriend?


Everybody has it own limits in the personality, and it's very difficult to explore them. Our life is full of people and it's a never ending history. My limits end in my opinion like in this text, and I'm not forced to understand the whole world. I titled this text as "Drugs are a cancer inside a family", but they aren't the only cancer. I'm not immune to be a victim. I'm sympathetic to all victims of this misfortune, and I just hope that they can find love again.