mercredi 31 octobre 2012


I sense butterflies in your stomach
jumping around like a crazy old woman,
she thinks I'm crazy, but I'm more,
too much in my head is not good.

Then she ate gummy bears and said,
"You're very special, and from that,
I'm flattered and I want you",
and from this moment it was like that.

And she talks, she dances,
she twirls, and she laughs,
and I breath, and I think to me,
that I cannot understand it.

Tomatoes and craziness hanging over you,
she taps the music with her feet,
crickets crick in my ears, and whisper,
"Yes, let it come, let them free."

"You project in me beams of emotions,
conquering like there's no time,
you're the only chance that I have.",
and she finished, "You're mine, all mine."

Universes melding

Old instincts are awakening,
waves vapour into steam,
set of volcanos erupting,
new land is being built.

Be a mountain, I command!
Be useful to flowers grow.
We don't set the time to start,
we don't know how it ends.

Harsh ashes and acid smell
is getting out of my pours,
I feel the colors disappearing.

Gasps from your metallic voice,
uttering wild aluminium screams,
bending until something got to give.

I feel you in my heart,
you say you feel me from inside,
these two worlds must collide.

lundi 22 octobre 2012

Sentado à espera

Um coração grande bate à porta,
com um olhar inocente para a vida,
uma esperança regada de amor,
apenas quer um abraço e comida.

Sentado nos degraus da porta,
à espera que chegue o pedido,
que lhe leve para ao pé da vida,
o que no passado se tinha perdido.

mardi 16 octobre 2012

Neste tempo cada vez mais seco, apenas me resta sobreviver e não quebrar, assim como tu, Varatojo.

dimanche 14 octobre 2012

Is this love, or the need to be with someone that you love?

People fall in love sometimes, and some other times are heartbroken. When someone lost the love of his life, starts to question  everything about the next pretender. Do I really like her? Do I like her because I don't want to be alone? And if she likes me, will she ever leaves me?

When our brain starts to think, normally it doesn't help us. We end up with more questions than we had when started. Our body freeze, we start to fear and get anxious. The purity of an impetuous feeling is polluted by the rationalization of feelings. I wish I could sweep the Autumn leaves from the path easily, and predict the future, but this feeling will endure forever and and the passage must be cleared by both.

lundi 1 octobre 2012

O jornal Público tem apresentado algumas notícias ao qual os títulos são de uma imaginação incalculável. A veia verborréica anda a passear pela redondezas das instalações do jornal. Por exemplo, vejamos este título extremamente compreensível - "Série Mar Português: Portugal x 41 = Índia". Ou seja, se multiplicarmos a palavra Portugal 41 vezes, aparece Índia. E se fôr 40, ou 42 vezes. O que aparece. Que conta fantástica.

Vejamos outro exemplo, "Jesus foi casado? Talvez não. E isso importa? Talvez sim". Eu estou perplexo com este título: Talvez sim? Talvez não?